The Ninth Street Church of Christ was established in August of 1939. Following the commandment given in Matthew 28:19,20. Brothers from the Ocoee Church of Christ were instrumental in bringing the gospel to the East Winter Garden area. Brothers O.T Starling, Lew McEwan, L.B. Chastain and B.B. McCormic were supportive of our work. In demonstration of their commitment to spreading the gospel and reaching all communities, the Brothers from the Ocoee congregation donated blocks that were later used to build our first Church building.

Bro. O.T. Starling was instrumental in bringing Bro. John Vaughner of the 20th Street Church of Christ and Bro. F.L. Thompson of the Liberty City Church of Christ to the Winter Garden area. These pioneers held tent meetings in an effort to convert people in this area. The Ocoee, West Orange and Jefferson Street (currently Concord) Church of Christ supplied financial support for the tent meetings, bibles, chairs and other needs.

Some of the first converts who obeyed the gospel under the teaching of Bro. J. Vaughner were: Sis. Mildred Dixon, Sis. Florence Brinson and Sis. Dorothy Williams. Other Christians who obeyed the gospel under Bro F. L. Thompson were Bro. Saber Chisolm, Sis Ollie Smith, and Sis. Pauline Stringer. Attendance at the yearly gospel meetings resulted in increased membership. Baptisms for the new converts were held in Black Lake in Tildenville.

The new congregation now had to organize and locate a place of worship. In the early years, the membership worshipped in a rented building on the corner of Ninth and Center Street. Later the membership purchased the current property in which the current building is located. The first building was built in 1941 with blocks supplied by the Ocoee Church.

During the infancy of the Ninth Street Church of Christ, the work was encouraged and supported by many especially the Cobb Family and surrounding congregations.

Bro. Knight served as our first minister and the first church home was located on the corner of Ninth and Center Street. The congregation moved to its present location on January 7, 1980. Through the faith and tenacity of our early church leaders, we have held on for over 60 years to become a positive spiritual force in West Orange County.

Our current membership is composed of families that span several generations, new converts and other new families that have made Ninth Street their church home.

We are thankful to Almighty God for the leadership of our minister Bro. Xerxes M. Snell our Elders, Deacons, and the faithful brethren of Ninth Street that will continue to lead us well into the 21st Century.

We are also thankful to the following ministers who have served at Ninth Street: Bro. U. Knight, Bro. William Whitter, Bro. L. C. Hendricks, Bro. Thomas Reese, Bro. J. R. Reeves, Bro. Fenton Martin, Bro. Thomas Sparks, Bro. V. E. Williamson, Bro. Darnell Brown, Bro. Charles Richardson, Bro. F. R. Singleton, Bro. J. E. Thomas, Sr., and Bro. E. K. Felton.